Success With Project Insight

  • Thedacare
  • ICU Medical
  • Happy State Bank
  • Tierpoint
  • Axia
  • Paycor
Happy State Bank
Industry: Finance
Happy State Bank became more productive when they stopped using Excel and Microsoft Word for complex project management. They gave their key stakeholders better visibility with real-time reporting and project views.
Industry: Healthcare
ThedaCare streamlined their process for managing projects and increased their user adoption exponentially.
Industry: Professional Services
Tierpoint doubled their efficiency with PI and eliminated lost data so that they could better organize their approach for customer requests.
ICU Medical
Industry: Healthcare
ICU Medical earned a huge tax credit when PI showed them how to monitor and report on all of their R&D projects more effectively.
Industry: Professional Services
SureCom gave up a cumbersome process with Excel for PI's centralized platform capable of giving them a real-time overview of project status, resources, costs, and reporting.
Monolithic Power Systems
Industry: Manufacturing
MPS used PI to simplify their workflows and communication between offices on two continents.
Industry: Professional Services
Paycor gave secure universal access to their entire workforce so that everyone could log time against projects across the organization saving themselves quite a bit of money in the long run.
Stillwater Associates
Industry: Professional Services
Stillwater stopped overrunning their budgets even thought their team was scattered all over the country.
Axia NetMedia
Industry: Professional Services
Axia Netmedia needed a Saas solution that they could access from anywhere. PI gave them visibility into enormous projects with lots of moving parts.
Industry: Professional Services
Bridgeline transformed 10 disjointed offices into one smooth operating organization with PI.
ESBG Design
Industry: Professional Services
ESBG was able to stop over and under committing to projects. With PI they had realistic real-time visibility into resource capacity and allocation.
Industry: Professional Services
Project Insight allowed us "to automate a manual system that allowed remote field techs, managers and contractors to access a central database for real-time updates."
Industry: Professional Services
Inter-Op leveraged PI to help integrate existing systems in one project management platform so that their team could centralize their work.