Monolithic Power Systems

"Project Insight project management software has made my job much easier. We have a rather complex workflow/approval/communications system spread over two continents. Project Insight's software simplified our system, so now I can see everything I need in one place."

- Project Management Administrator

Main Challenges

Monolithic Power Systems makes hundreds of products used in back-lighting, automotive, battery chargers, power drivers and more. At any one time there are dozens of new products being introduced. It's a complex operation, and all of it was tracked using spreadsheets. As the company grew and the number of projects going through the process increased, it became more difficult to track their real-time status.

  • Lacked company transparency across project groups and continents
  • Lacked effective system for notifying project manager of schedule updates and changes
  • Lacked effective workflow to approve project documents in a timely manner
Why PI®

MPS sought a simplified solution to a complicated situation. Project managers wanted a powerful tool they could utilize, yet simple enough to effortlessly manage project documents and change management. Project Insight's project management software was selected by MPS because it included all the features they required at an affordable price.

  • Supports better task and resource management for improved efficiency and productivity
  • Generates reports regarding project status, resource allocation, approvals, etc.
  • Creates a baseline once the project team agrees on deadline and locks in schedule
  • Facilitates better resources use to ensure products are on schedule
  • Includes a centralized document repository for all project files to maintain transparency

Since implementing Project Insight's project management software, MPS has increased their efficiency by creating a centralized web-based system. Now, managers and team members can work faster and accomplish more in less time which keeps everyone happy. Additionally, there is more communication and project teams can agree on timelines for new projects, lock in schedules and create a baseline.

  • Centralized, web-based project management
  • Provides a simple way to track time and status for both internal and external team members
  • Enables effective resource allocation
  • Delivers useful reports
  • Real-time financials making it possible to capitalize and expense project costs

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