Axia Netmedia Success with Project Insight

Axia Netmedia needed a Saas solution that they could access from anywhere. PI gave them visibility into enormous projects with lots of moving parts.

Meet Axia Netmedia

Axia Netmedia
IT Communications
200 people
  • Lack of project schedule visibility
  • Difficulty tracking multiple project schedules
  • Clunky use of Microsoft Project desktop, Excel and Word to piece together project management
  • Lacked centralized document management
  • Needed project templates for rapid re-use

Main Challenges

Prior to Project Insight, the Project Management Office (PMO) relied on Microsoft Project desktop, Excel and Word to manage projects and project-related documents. They were using separate tools to gather data for reports and there was a lack of project schedule visibility.
"Project Insight has helped us manage all of the projects related to the system upgrade program… One of the main reasons we selected Project Insight is because we felt that their customer support was/is superior to all the other companies that we were evaluating." - Director of Costing and Special Projects

Why PI

Axia chose PI for several reasons, including that it was a best-of-breed solution. It would also allow the team to manage large projects with ease and they liked the accessibility of a SaaS solution.
  • SaaS solution accessible from anywhere
  • Provide a central place for visibility into all projects, company-wide
  • Project templates to help standardize project initiation
  • Custom fields offered


Axia uses Project Insight project management software for large projects, bids and service development.
  • Full project schedule visibility
  • Centralized document and data repository
  • Customized fields relevant to organization’s business process
  • Ability to share project data and reports with key stakeholders using permissions

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SureCom gave up a cumbersome Excel process in exchange for PI's centralized platform capable of giving them a real-time overview of project status, resources, costs, and reporting.
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