"We had no consistent methods for managing projects, so each project was managed differently. Project Insight project management software provides checkpoints to ensure we do everything the same way using data our previous system couldn't capture."

- Marketing Communications Planner

Main Challenges

As ThedaCare grew and expanded, its original project tracking system became out of date. It offered limited capabilities, relying on email and a few programs and it saved everything to individuals' computers instead of to a centralized software program. As a result, there was no central repository that everyone could access. With no controls or templates, project managers were left to their own devices in managing their projects.

  • Lacked controls and templates, forcing project managers to improvise project management
  • Unable to capture all information in a central repository for accurate budgeting, forecasting and resource utilization
  • Inability to communicate with the entire team
Why PI®

"We surveyed our project teams and asked how often they used our current software solution," the Marketing Communications Planner stated. "We discovered that half the team members used the software 25% of the time. In addition, our cost analysis revealed we were wasting $5,000 a year paying for 50 licenses that a third of our team members never used." During the evaluation period the company set goals on how to improve the project management process, determined quality metrics and established a baseline of software requirements.

  • Met all the requirements established by the project team survey
  • Made it easier for everyone to use, which improved productivity
  • Stored everything—documents, budgets, videos, marketing materials—within each project
  • Generated customized reports

Project Insight's software streamlined our processes. "It's been a great tool," said the Marketing Communications Planner. "Sure, we've had some growing pains, but the software's flexibility allows us to make changes and adjustments as well as customize it. It's pretty awesome."

  • Creates a central repository where everything related to a project is stored
  • Facilitates faster approvals and rapid project completion
  • Provides a dashboard to track projects, budgets and resources in real time
  • Ensures all closing projects have budgets, which is essential for accurate forecasting

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