Getting Started with Project Insight

Begin your journey with Project Insight effortlessly with our concise, easy-to-follow tutorial videos. Designed to get you up and running in less than 30 minutes, these seven short videos serve as your comprehensive guide to mastering the basics of Project Insight. Whether you're a new user or just needing a quick refresher, our tutorials provide the essential knowledge to make the most out of our project management software. Start now and transform your project management skills with Project Insight.
Getting Started

Mastering the Home Screen: Navigate Project Insight with Ease

Unlock the full potential of your Home Screen as your central hub for managing tasks, projects, approvals, and daily work efficiently. Discover how to streamline updates, comments, and time entries directly from your dashboard.

Efficient Task Management: Using Your Work List

Learn to swiftly update task statuses, insert comments, and log time entries using your Work List, simplifying daily task management.

Mobile Productivity: Leveraging the Project Insight App

Enhance your flexibility with the Project Insight mobile app. Gain the ability to update tasks, capture receipts, and manage timesheets on-the-go, ensuring productivity is always at your fingertips.

Build your First Project

PMs and Admin Users

Dive into project building fundamentals, focusing on defining tasks, durations, and responsibilities, with easy-to-follow Project and Schedule Tutorials for PMs and Admin Users.

Collaborate Effectively: Inviting Users to Project Insight

Expand your Project Insight workspace by inviting team members and effectively managing user access to foster collaboration.

Customizing Your Experience: Installing Add-ons

Adapt and enhance your workspace with add-ons. "Grow as you go" by integrating new features as needed and explore personalized assistance for choosing the right add-ons. Contact us

Insights at Your Fingertips: Starting with Reporting

Learn how to easily run reports for real-time information about your tasks, projects, time entries, and more insights.