"Using Project Insight project management software provides the transparency we need to better control workflow, financing and reporting—something we couldn't do before."

- Account and Project Manager

Main Challenges

When the organization first started, Surecom Network Solutions developed an ad hoc project management process using Excel spreadsheets to manage projects and allocate resources. It was a cumbersome, time-intensive process that made it difficult for project managers to accurately assess the status of projects throughout the organization. In addition, Surecom used an entirely different program to manage finances.

  • Lacked a project management solution that coordinated all business processes
  • Lacked the ability to accurately track project status and resource allocation
  • Lacked effective workflow to approve project documents in a timely manner
Why PI®

As the company grew, Surecom management recognized the need to streamline operations to eliminate inefficiencies and increase productivity. They wanted a powerful project management tool that was also simple to use.

  • Provides transparency across the entire enterprise
  • Offers a single operations tool with secure on-line access
  • Runs customized reports, including project status and resource workload views
  • Allows the project team to know what has been approved

Project managers now have a transparent view of everything that is happening. They can make adjustments as necessary to address and resolve issues quickly and manage resources more effectively.

"We especially like the fact that we can quickly generate customized reports. Now we have a detailed overview of every project, its status, the resources allocated to it, and the costs involved. The end result is more than increased efficiency and productivity. Project Insight project management software gives us peace of mind."

  • Improves project management for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Improves resource allocation to ensure projects are delivered on schedule
  • Informs management as and when problems arise so that they can quickly be resolved
  • Company has the capability to expand business into new areas

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