Project Management Software Comparison: Why Choose Us

When conducting a project management software comparison, it's crucial to find a tool that accommodates unique business processes with flexibility and sophistication. Our work management tool is designed to unify your teams, their tasks, and your overarching strategy within a single application. Benefit from high-end work management features at an affordable, mid-range price, making it a standout choice in any project management software comparison.


Make Better Decisions Based on Data

In a comparison of project management software, our tool offers unparalleled organizational visibility. Provide stakeholders with bird's-eye reporting across your entire portfolio. Know which projects are at-risk or where you stand on capacity even before projects are assigned, escaping the the limitations of spreadsheet project management. This ensures confidence in budgets, deadlines, and promises to your clients.

Bridge the gap with development teams.

Optimize diverse team methodologies within a singular platform, allowing seamless work in preferred tools. Access advanced time-tracking and capacity insights, surpassing the capabilities of Jira or Azure DevOps.

Powerful Features Across
Your Entire Organization

Easily reschedule cross-functional tasks using drag and drop, lead/lag, bulk scheduling, and dependency automations. Save time and reduce miscommunications. Now that's smart.
Effectively balance and monitor workloads-even when they involve multiple teams. See your organization’s capacity and know where to assign work more efficiently.
If you’re billing clients based on project time, you need Project Insight. Get time-tracking, project management, and billing all in the same tool.
View all projects across your organization-even projects in other software tools. Give stakeholders a bird's-eye view of resources, budgets, capacity, and project priority.
Budgeting, Billing,
& Invoicing
Know at-a-glance if your projects are on time and within budget. Track all costs and expenses at every level and report on values and targets in real time.
Keep documents in one centralized place. Easily integrate with email, cloud storage, and popular communication tools like Teams and Slack.

Over 10,000 companies have found a
perfect fit with Project Insight

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