ESBG Success with Project Insight

How ESBG was able to stop over-commiting and under-committing to projects. With PI they had realistic real-time visibility into resource capacity and allocation.


Design Agency
< 25 people
  • No centralized, company-wide view of project status
  • Difficulty managing resource allocation
  • Manually inputting data into QuickBooks for billing

Main Challenges

During ESBG Design's busy season (December-January), they run anywhere from seven to fifteen ongoing projects, some of which have many sub-projects. Due to a growing business, they had more work than they could manage by email/Outlook and had a difficult time finding a project management software solution with basic things in terms of project tasking, task tracking, tracking time against tasks, and resource allocation.
"With Project Insight I can fully leverage our capabilities. Before we were either under-committing or over-committing. Now we have a very clear picture of what our sweet spot is, and we can basically ride that sweet spot in terms of the project work that we're doing."
- Partner, Director of Strategic Accounts

Why PI

After a well-supported review process, ESBG determined that Project Insight had everything they were searching for. ESBG was looking for a project management solution that was a "mission control"-type centralized way to see all projects in a unified view. The project team also needed solutions that would:
  • Provide a centralized location for company-wide project oversight
  • Provide a central place for visibility into all projects, company-wide
  • Offer project templates to help standardize project initiation
  • Give the ability to create custom fields


After implementing PI's software, ESBG Design has been highly productive and has a clearer picture of everything that's going when it comes to their projects. Multiple aspects of their business including oversight management and sales have seen a dramatic improvement in efficiency.
  • Centralized, company-wide view of projects
  • Fully integrated with QuickBooks leading to quicker billing
  • Enabled true resource allocation for all busy team members

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