How Happy State Bank became more productive when they stopped using Excel and Microsoft Word for complex project management and gave key stakeholders better visibility with real-time reporting and project views.

Meet Happy State Bank

Happy State Bank
1000+ people
  • Managing projects with Excel and Word
  • No centralized control of the project creation process
  • Difficulty managing resource allocation and utilization
  • Scattered project information
  • Too many manual processes – time tracking, issues, reports, etc.

Main Challenges

Happy State Bank had many challenges managing their projects with Excel Sheets and Word Documents. They turned to MS Project Desktop and SharePoint for their project management solution needs, however, the lack of resources for internal plug-ins and integrations for both systems became time consuming and inefficient. As the bank matured into a more project-oriented organization they quickly outgrew their home-grown project management system.
"The biggest benefit of Project Insight is the visibility. With Project Insight, we now have the data and ability to rank projects, manage our resources and better prioritize."
- VP, IT Project Management

Why PI®

Happy State Bank had its requirements well defined. They wanted a project management software that was user friendly and that fulfilled these requirements:
  • MS-Project import and export
  • Project proposals and requests
  • Easily create Project Baselines
  • Resource allocation and management
  • Document storage and file collaboration
  • Risk and Issue management
  • Budgeting and Costing/Time and Expense Management
  • Permissions
  • Dashboards, KPIs and powerful reporting


Happy State Bank has undergone a positive culture change since the implementation of PI's system. The bank has seen improvements in organization, productivity, and being more project management oriented. The flexibility and powerful reporting in Project Insight allows project managers, executives and stakeholders of the bank to be at ease with real time project status.
  • Centralized project data
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Real time project reports
  • Time and expense management

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