How Lovelace Biomedical Reclaimed 50% of Their Time by Automating Projects

Discover how Lovelace Biomedical automated their project management, regained control over scheduling, and expanded their capacity for new studies by implementing Project Insight's powerful software solution.

Meet Lovelace Biomedical

Lovelace Biomedical
Non Profit Healthcare
500-1000 people
  • Finding a system with comprehensive features like time entry approvals and project management capabilities.
  • Ensuring the system provides custom notifications and robust technical support.
  • Narrowing down numerous options

Main Challenges

Lovelace Biomedical, a non-profit pre-clinical research organization, faced significant challenges in managing an increasing number of studies, particularly during the surge in COVID-19 research. With around 300 staff members spread across 15 departments, their reliance on manual, spreadsheet-based scheduling led to inefficiencies, communication breakdowns, and an inability to scale their operations effectively.
"Project Insight was a game-changer for us. It streamlined our entire scheduling process, allowing us to focus more on our research and less on managing spreadsheets. We went from being the 'rescheduling department' to a team that could confidently take on more studies, thanks to the efficiency and real-time updates provided by Project Insight." - Alicia Holk, Research Associate/Physiology Coordinator, Lovelace Biomedical

Why PI

"Lovelace Biomedical turned to Project Insight for a comprehensive project management solution. The software's ability to import data directly from Excel, coupled with powerful customization options, provided the perfect fit for their unique needs. Project Insight's real-time updates and seamless integration with Outlook transformed the way Lovelace managed their projects, ensuring that every change was immediately reflected across the organization."


  • 50% Reduction in Scheduling Time: By automating the scheduling process and eliminating manual updates, Lovelace reported a significant decrease in the time spent on scheduling, dropping from consuming 125% of her time to just 50%.
  • Increased Capacity for New Studies: The efficiency gains from Project Insight enabled Lovelace Biomedical to take on more studies, contributing to their mission of advancing medical research.
  • Improved Communication and Coordination: Real-time updates and Outlook integration ensured that all departments were always in sync, reducing the occurrence of scheduling conflicts and enhancing overall collaboration.
  • Empowerment of Leadership: Directors, who were previously bogged down with scheduling tasks, could now focus on their core responsibilities, such as data analysis and report generation, further driving the organization's success.

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