Bridgeline Digital Success with Project Insight

How Bridgeline transformed ten disjointed offices into one smoothly operating organization with Project Insight.

Meet Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline Digital
Web Development
70+ people
  • Rapidly growing business
  • Using two different systems that were fragmented
  • Failed a trial with a different high-end project management implementation
  • User adoption
  • Required custom integrations with a home-grown expense entry system

Main Challenges

As a rapidly growing organization, Bridgeline Digital did not have a centralized project management system for all their offices.
"We've transformed our company from 10 disjointed offices into a single, smooth operating organization that completes assignments faster, more efficiently and more profitably." - Senior Vice President of Global Services and Delivery

Why PI

PI is easy to set up, and its intuitive interface makes it simple for a team to adopt. The software provided the team with the transparency the management team needed to track project progress in real time.
  • PI fulfilled Bridgelines's immediate requirementsright out-of-the-box
  • Provided real-time visibility to effectively manage resources
  • Proved customizable which helped improve business processes


Instead of calling all 10 of their offices, project managers were able to view project data from one central location in real-time.
  • Centralized all project assets and information the PMs can access anywhere, anytime
  • Streamlined resource utilization for better margins
  • Customized reports for resource and budget forecasting

Related Success Stories

ESBG was able to stop over-commiting and under-committing to projects. With PI they had realistic real-time visibility into resource capacity and allocation.
SureCom gave up a cumbersome process with Excel for PI's centralized platform capable of giving them a real-time overview of project status, resources, costs, and reporting.
INTER-OP leveraged PI to help integrate existing systems into one project management platform so that their team could centralize their work.