Pioneer Telephone Success with Project Insight

How Pioneer automated a manual system to give remote field techs, managers, and contractors access to their a central database for real-time updates.

Meet Pioneer Telephone

Pioneer Telephone
1000 people
  • Lacked a central repository for effective project tracking
  • No way to track resource allocation
  • Lacked an automated system to allow real-time updates

Main Challenges

Pioneer Telephone's managing operations were difficult because obtaining accurate project management updates was almost impossible. Information about projects were presented via a variety of media including paper-based notebooks, Excel spreadsheets, handwritten notes, and multiple conference calls. Field representatives in rural areas made updates on the fly whenever they had a few spare minutes.
"Our primary goal was to automate a manual system that allowed remote field techs, managers, and contractors to access a central database for real-time updates. Project Insight was the only solution that offered a mobile website to facilitate this." - Department Manager of Wireless Infrastructure

Why PI

Pioneer Telephone's focus was to transition from an inefficient manual system to a highly efficient automated system. Their management evaluated at least six different products through trials and demos. Neither of them offered the mobile solution the company required. They also did not have the features they wanted and still others couldn't host the website. The only solution that met all their requirements was Project Insight project management software.
  • Allows remote resources to get real-time updates and information
  • Provides a mobile friendly website accessible from multiple device types
  • Includes features other solutions did not offer
  • Offers Scalability


"We transitioned from being reactive to being proactive," said the Department Manager of Wireless Infrastructure. "As a result, efficiency and productivity increased. Now we can see where we encounter constant delays and find remedies and resources to keep the project on schedule. Now we can more accurately set target deadlines, better allocate resources and set priorities." Project Insight helped them get rid of their old manual system, which ultimately increased their efficiency and productivity.
  • Replaced the manual system for greater efficiency and productivity
  • Gives employees more control over their products
  • Provides management with real time reports
  • Permits managers to better allocate resources and set priorities

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