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It's Thanksgiving week! While everyone (At least in the U.S.) is rushing to get everything together for the holidays, we took a moment at PI® to express what we're grateful for. "I'm thankful for Millennials killing every major industry Baby Boomers hold so very dear. But seriously, I am ver... (more)
by: Alexa Ortega-Mendoza in:    Communication   
Communication is the life blood of projects. It is through communication that we plan, manage expectations, change, risk, conflict and any other aspect of the project requiring collaboration. We can break communication into two categories, formal and informal. Knowing the difference and using... (more)
by: George Pitagorsky in:    Communication   
Project managers are seeing their roles evolve to include that of change manager. This shouldn’t surprise anyone as the function of both of these roles are similar - to ensure that a project delivers on its goals. Tim Creasey at change management solutions company, Procsi, notes that the disting... (more)
by: Bonnie McDonald in:    Project Management   
The success of your business depends on the productivity of your employees. You want motivated people in your team. You need them to maintain high levels of efficiency, especially when you’re pressured by deadlines. That’s an interesting situation. People usually perceive deadlines as too pressu... (more)
by: Olivia Ryan in:    Leadership   
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