Mastering SELL-WORK-BILL: A Guide for Project Managers to Streamline Workflows from Sale to Invoicing

Mastering SWB

In the dynamic world of project management, transitioning seamlessly from the initial sale, through diligent work efforts of your team, to the final invoicing and billing phase is a complex journey that takes sophisticated workflows. Our recent webinar in the Project Insight Power Tutorial series shed light on how our award-winning tool simplifies this journey, transforming it into a streamlined process that enhances accuracy and efficiency for your teams. Watch now

Sell: Laying the Foundation

The inception of any project begins with the sale — setting the stage for what's to come. Project Insight revolutionizes this initial phase by providing project managers and their teams with a suite of tools designed to seamlessly integrate the sales process into the broader project management workflow. This integration ensures that projects kick off on the right foot, with clear objectives, timelines, and resource allocations that reflect the agreed-upon scope and budget.

Work: Enabling Execution

As projects move from sale to execution, the focus shifts to managing the work efficiently. Project Insight stands out for its intuitive design, catering to both project managers and team members. It offers a straightforward interface where tasks are clearly outlined and time tracking is integrated seamlessly into the workflow. This approach not only simplifies the process for team members but also provides project managers with a comprehensive view of resource allocation and progress across projects. From project proposal to project start, Project Insight accounts for all of the transitioning of project information to actual work.

Key features include:

  • Automated Expense Allocation: Streamlines the tracking and billing of time, enhancing accuracy and reducing manual effort.
  • Real-time Budget vs. Actual Analysis: Empowers project managers with the insights needed to make informed decisions swiftly.
  • Mobile Accessibility and Integration: Ensures team members can log time and update statuses from anywhere, aligning with today's dynamic work environments.

Bill: Connect Accurate Invoicing and Financial Management

The culmination of the project management process is the billing phase, where the focus is on accurately reflecting the work done in the final invoices. Project Insight simplifies this process by supporting both time and material billing and fixed bid invoicing, enabling project managers to generate invoice records effortlessly. Integration with accounting software like QuickBooks Online further streamlines this process, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring timely, accurate billing. Capture every work hour from your team with accuracy and precision for your accounting team.

A Unified Approach to Project Management

Project Insight provides more than just a tool for managing project work; we offer a comprehensive solution that addresses the full spectrum of challenges faced by project managers, from the initial sale to work tracking and final invoicing. By offering a unified platform that streamlines these processes, Project Insight empowers project managers and their teams to work more efficiently, achieve better project outcomes, and maintain better financial health.

For project managers seeking to enhance their workflows from sale to tracking time on work, and then to invoicing and billing clients, Project Insight offers the necessary tools to tackle these challenges effectively. As we continue our Power Tutorial series, stay tuned for more insights and strategies to enhance your project management capabilities. Register for more Project Insight webinars HERE

Online 2/3/2024
Trina Schaetz