2022 Jobs Report PMI

2022 PMI Jobs Report

Opportunity Amid Recovery

Even in the face of ongoing economic uncertainty, one thing is clear: Job seekers are in control. After two years of pivots and resets, organizations are settling into new ways of working and delivering innovative solutions. As the world rebuilds and reinvents, there is historic investment in infrastructure, healthcare, mobility, digital transformation and renewable energy projects. Yet as the pandemic persists, so does uncertainty in the global economy. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is projecting 4.9 percent economic growth in 2022—still trending upward, but a dip from the 5.9 percent expected to cap 2021. The leveling of growth is expected to span all regions and nearly all the world’s largest job producers. Amid concerns about glitches in the supply chain and which coronavirus variants might pop up next, companies need project leaders who have the skills—and mindsets—to explore and conquer new dimensions. And that need is only growing. According to PMI’s 2021 Talent Gap report, 2.3 million new project management employees will be needed each year to meet global talent demands by 2030. How might all that impact your career? Explore a region-by-region deep dive into the hot sectors and emerging trends driving demand for project leaders around the world.

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Online 6/10/2022
Trina Schaetz
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