Project Requests

Stop managing project requests by email! Centralize all of your project requests to organize and prioritize the inbound requests.

  • Route new project requests for approval
  • Track who has approved or denied a project request
  • Once approved, pass request information to the project form
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Project Prioritization

Eliminate the confusion of not knowing which projects are more important than others. Use scorecards to measure a project's priority and where it fits in your timeline.

  • Define your organization's goals, KPIs and CSFs in the scorecard
  • Automatically rate and weigh projects based on company goals
  • Identify your most strategically aligned projects
  • View and learn from your scorecard history
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Project Templates

Stop re-inventing the wheel every time you kick off a new project! Get all of the project managers on your team following standardized processes using project templates.

  • Create a new project in just a few mouse clicks
  • Simplify the learning process for new team members
  • Refine your projects and constantly improve over time
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Intelligent Scheduling

Are you wasting time manually updating tasks in Excel or a low end tool without task dependencies? Leverage intelligent scheduling to elegantly shift tasks with just a couple of mouse clicks.

  • Shift projects with drag and drop
  • Edit schedules inline at the speed of a desktop application
  • Import and export projects from Microsoft Project®
  • More on Intelligent Scheduling
Resource Allocation

Not knowing how much work each team member has can be frustrating and inefficient. Gain visibility into every resource's workload using cross project resource allocation views.

  • Drill down to see each team member's projects and tasks
  • View work by group, department or company
  • Forecast workloads for all resources on projects in planning state
  • More on Resource Management
Powerful Reporting

Spending too much time assembling project reports for your executives? Provide your executive team with real-time reports on all projects in the portfolio, complete with green, yellow, red and automatic health indicators.

  • Gain insight with real time portfolio and project reports
  • Create custom dashboards for your executives
  • Create, save and share custom reports with your team
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