Portfolio Management

View all projects across your organization- even those in other project management tools. Give your stakeholders a real-time bird's-eye view of resources, budgets, capacity, project priority and more.


Make better decisions about your business.

  • See overviews of every project or all projects
  • Monitor budgets, expenses, scheduling, and resourcds across your whole organization
  • Dynamically view all of this in real-time and aggregated with all your work
  • View portfolio reports on your dashboard
Portfolio Report
Create, Save and Share Reports

Sharable Reports

Bolster your recommendations with data.

  • Create, save and share customized reports
  • Run portfolio reports graphically as tables, pies, bar charts, or line graphs.
  • Export portfolio information to Excel, PDF, or csv


Make confident decisions about projects.

  • Use project scorecards to weigh goals, critical success factors, and KPIs
  • Get visibility into project risks and issues in real time
Project Scorecard