Personalized Dashboards

Dashboards give team members a quick way to update tasks, projects, issues or other items they are assigned to from one place. Project Insight takes personalization to a new level by giving the user display options for each item on the dashboard. Sort tasks by date, add and eliminate columns on reports, or only show this week's work. It's up to you.

Dashboard Example
  • Access all tasks, projects, issues and other items you are assigned to
  • Design your workspace by selecting from 12 unique layout options
  • Utilize drag and drop to customize the way you view assigned items
  • Add up to four saved reports directly to your workspace
Dashboard Display Options
Customize how to view items on your dashboard utilizing the display options.
Create and Save Multiple Dashboards
Create, save and share multiple preferred dashboard layouts.
Simplify your project software with Project Insight's home screen, a quick and simple console of the most commonly used PI features.
Home Screen

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