No two organizations work the same way, which is why Project Insight was developed with customization in mind. Our system offers customization options that range from no programming at all to full access to our SDK.

Customizable Project Management Software
  • Customize your dashboard, task list views, reports and more
  • Create custom fields and items
  • Brand Project Insight to include your organization's look and feel
  • Use web services APIs for easy integration with accounting, CRM, or other enterprise software
  • Access our Software Development Kit (SDK) for advanced customizations by your team
Customize how to view items on your dashboard utilizing the display options.
Add Custom Fields
Relabel Data Fields
Data labels may be changed or removed from forms to simplify the views.
You can apply foreign language and cultural settings to different users in the software.
Adjust Cultural Settings
Select Currency Date Time Culture
Specify your currency and date format.

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