Self-help Options

Make the most of Project Insight with our getting started guide, tutorial videos and our community.
Project Management Software

Getting Started Guide

A short series of videos to help get you started with the basics of Project Insight.

Video Tutorials for Add-ons and Features

Loads of tutorial videos covering the most popular Project Insight features and add-ons.

Project Insight Community

Search the knowledge base and/or post a question to the PI community for feedback from us and/or other PI customers.

User Manual

Browse or search the full written user manual to find detailed explanations and solutions for the Project Insight feature set.

REST API Documentation

PI has a robust REST API endpoint. Learn how to use it to automate processes or integrate with 3rd-party reporting engines like Power BI, Excel, or Tableau.

Request a Feature

Vote on current feature requests or submit a new one. Requests are posted by our thoughtful PI customers.