Project Management Software White Papers

Managing the Project Portfolio to Improve Profits

Companies with project and portfolio management solutions and best practices perform better than those that do not have these structures in place. Read about project management challenges and how best-in-class organizations resolve these issues in this Aberdeen Group report.

Common Project Management Challenges

How a web-based project management solution solves five of the most common project management issues.

Reasons to Web Enable Your Project Managemement

Web enabling your project management can make your project teams more efficient and productive. What are the challenges of managing projects without web enabled project management? What are the benefits of web enabling project management?

Ten Things to Look for When Buying Project Management Software

Shopping for a project management solution can be overwhelming. You've probably searched the web and found a multitude of options. Project Insight would like to assist you with your search. Here are ten key questions to ask yourself and potential vendors before buying your project management software.

Web 2.0 and Project Management Software Applications

There is a lot of power in Web 2.0 business applications and project management software products which focus on giving a community of project team members a collaborative zone for sharing projects, tasks, project assets and documents. Tools like Project Insight give these project communities one centralized place to login and get real-time project status and information.

Portfolio and Resource Management in an Economic Downturn

While job loss is certainly an important topic, a tangential issue that is often overlooked is: 'What is the impact of these layoffs on the people that have been left behind in an organization?' Often times the expectation is that the individuals remaining will pick up the existing workload of those laid off.

Four Common Reasons Why Projects Fail

Most organizations have experienced projects that did not end on time, were over budget, or changed in scope over time. There are many pitfalls that can sink projects. Here we will focus on four basic reasons why projects fail.

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