PM in Practice - 5 Keys to Managing Any Project

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


Projects are all around us - at our work, at our home and in our everyday life. Whether you are managing a large software implementation to planning a big upcoming family event, all of us manage or participate in projects.

Organizations today, as well as life, are full of projects to be completed. Not everyone will want to be a professional project manager, or will have the opportunity to lead a large project during their career. However, EVERYONE will be responsible for a project of their own.

In the first webinar, we identified five keys to managing any project, now let’s discuss how to get started! Share your experience, challenges or tips of your own.


  • Share experiences with the audience on the top 5 concepts that help any project
  • Review specific scenarios that can help you succeed on any project
  • Earn 1 PDU for attending

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Online 7/26/2017
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