Why Do I PI Series: Why do I use Intelligent Scheduling?

Project Insight is an enterprise application, so there are many features that teams never discover. There are so many reasons to use Project Insight's robust features!

This episode of "Why Do I PI?" is about our intelligent scheduling features. I have found that some project managers change their schedules manually and change the Start and End Dates. Please allow me to save your time and headache!

  • Delete one task and see all remaining tasks attach themselves accordingly
  • Add a new task and link its Predecessors/Successors to make the new task feel like it's been there all long
  • Limit your number Must Start On Constraints and you can make one change to see the remaining tasks fall in line
  • Check your Gantt chart to visualize your correctly attached tasks

The short video above walks you through how easy it is!

Comment below to share the Project Insight's Intelligent Scheduling tricks you use.

For Project Scheduling in Project Insight you can review the following resources:

You can also look at our Webinar Calendar to see when the scheduling webinars will be held live to ask interactive questions

Online 9/8/2016
Margaret Campbell
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