PM in Practice - How to Start a Project on the Right Track

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


The two most common reasons for project failure in organizations today are lack of senior management support and poor or ever changing requirements. Why do you think this is? Too often organizations jump right into delivering on a project without the appropriate level of thought around the actual business need or the problem the project is going to solve.

If you've been a project manager for a while, you also understand that projects cause change in an organization and many times we don't truly think about what that change means to all the stakeholders. Taking a “reasonable” amount of time early on in a project to clearly communicate the project to all stakeholders can save significant cost later on.

This month, we explore the value of a project charter and how to develop one that is simple and can be agreed upon by all stakeholders. Putting together the charter is the easy part. Once the initial draft is created, the challenge comes in creating consensus on the project solution and deliverables required to realize the complete project value.

In this Part II of The Project Charter, we will focus on applying concepts into practice. We will answer questions from the previous webinar and provide feedback on the dos and don'ts of creating and managing a project charter through the life of the project.


  • Collaborate on sample charters provided by participants
  • Build your competencies by demonstrating your skills
  • Define the dos and don’ts of creating and managing the project charter

Online 2/22/2017
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