Task Types, Dependencies and Constraints

In Project Insight, project tasks are best managed as a network of interdependent tasks. Tasks should have a designated time frame or duration over which the tasks will be performed as well as an estimate of the amount of work or effort required to get the job accomplished. Project Insight has the advantage of using task dependencies and relationships unlike other project management software and allows a project manager to easily shift and adjust a schedule without having to change each and every task. Project Insight allows project managers to set up tasks as any of the four task types.

In addition to the four required inter-dependencies, lead and lag time duration calculations between the task dependencies are imperative.

What are lead time and lag time? Lag time may be used for a task that requires a waiting period. For example, if a task is to pour cement and it must dry for 2 days before the next task can start, that is lag. Lead time is used for a task that can overlap with another task. For example, painting a line in road can start before the entire road is paved.
Online 3/15/2012
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