Solving Browser Cache Full Problems

A nearly full browser cache can cause web application problems in Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox web browsers. You can test if your PI problem is a caching problem by browsing as the same user on a different computer. If the problem does not occur on the different computer, it is very likely it is the cache. Unfortunately, the browser neither automatically flushes its own cache, nor will it provide a warning that the cache is full or nearly full. Instead it may exhibit one or more of the following problems:

  • Files won't open directly from the web into the proper desktop application. Instead, you may have to save the file to the local computer, and then open it as a local file from within the application
  • Scroll bars in list box selectors do not scroll
  • Project Insight clipboard items do not clear
  • Javascript does not run properly (example: updating percentage complete on a task)
  • The expand and collapse navigation (global left navigation) function will not work
  • Pages load slowly or only partially
  • Dashboards not displaying correct order when changes are made

Steps to Clear Cache:

Internet Explorer cache is emptied using the drop down menu selections as follows: Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete -> Delete Temporary Internet Files -> Delete

Safari cache is emptied using the drop-down menus selections as follows: Edit -> Empty Cache -> Empty

Mozilla Firefox cache is emptied using the drop-down menus selections as follows: Tools -> Clear Private Data

Google Chrome cache is emptied using the Customize (three horizontal lines under the close button) -> Settings -> Show Advanced Settings -> Clear Browsing Data -> Cached images and files -> Obliterate the following items from: the beginning of time -> Clear browsing data

Steps to Automate Clearing of Cache:

Internet Explorer - cache will be cleared everytime you close the browser: Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced -> Scroll down to "Security" and checkmark "Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed"

Mozilla Firefox - cache will be cleared everytime you close the browser: Tools -> Options -> Privacy (Tab). In the drop-down for "Firefox will:" select "Use custom settings for history" if not selected already. Next checkmark "Clear history when Firefox closes".  Next step, click on settings button and make sure that Cache is checkmarked, then Click ok and then Ok more time to exit options.

Google Chrome - Chrome does not have an automated clear cache option. Project Insight uses continuously changing real-time data which makes support difficult for browsers offering no means to automatically clear cache.

Online 2/11/2016
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