Sandbox Testing Environment

In addition to your production instance of Project Insight, PI#enterprise provides development instance called the sandbox.

What is the Sandbox?

The Sandbox is like an alternate dimension of Project Insight. It looks exactly like Project Insight, but it's a blank slate. None of your settings, branding, users, or items carry over. We can help you match your Sandbox settings to your production site as we get you started.

Why would you use Sandbox?

If you wanted to perform testing that has the potential to mess up your production data, it could be nice to play around in an area that will not affect your real users or your real information. Feel free to test whatever new idea you want to try in the Sandbox. For example, build a custom item, test out a new workflow, assign out approvals and impersonate others to visualize the process, or try your hand at CSS. It won't harm your real data.

How does the Sandbox work?

You reach out to us through one of our help channels. Building and maintaining your sandbox is a small monthly fee. Once we establish the terms of your use, we'll send you the login credentials. Easy peasy.

What are are your other disclaimers?

The Sandbox is used in all sorts of experimental ways, so it is subject to downtime and incredible slowness and various other reasons that people may complain about the Sandbox. Please remember that it is just that: a Sandbox. A place meant for screwing around with tests and new ideas. It is not covered under your Service Level of Agreement.

I think I have a good reason to use this newfangled Sandbox

Alrighty then, reach out to a real person, and we'll get you started. We are happy to speak with you about your testing area options.

Online 12/20/2017
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