Project Insight 18.9.1 Release Notes


Files are now only allowed Approvals and Custom Items as children (why did we allow a project to be added to a file in the first place?)

Continued improvements to the PI Mobile App (Beta)

"Calculate project values from target values when no tasks exists (top down)" checkbox now defaults to off as to not add data to your reports without the PM's expressed consent

Added report type "Issues for Projects I'm a PM" to the Issues Report

The file report will now ask you to at least pick one file if you try to click "download files" without selecting a file

Continued to improve REST APIs including: added parameters for "open" and "open and closed" for Project Requests


Help menu option "Training and Support" navigates to support articles consistently (even for on premise customers)

Users can now add Receipts and make edits to Project level Expense entries

Scheduled Reports in Excel Formatted form or Excel Unformatted form now send out the scheduled emails

A blank comment no longer causes a Null error when exporting to Excel

"Calculate project values from target values when no tasks exists (top down)" checkbox now allows you to save a false (you can now turn the feature off)

Project Reports now filter out Templates consistently unless you expressly filter for Templates using the "Project Status & Condition Filtering Options"

Portfolio Allocation Report now saves if "Include Completed Unconfirmed Tasks" is turned off

Company Managers can now save an empty value for "invoice terms" when adding companies to SysAdmin

Time entry grid now displays the semi-month and month time sheet periods

New projects created now follow the "Limit Task User Assignment to Project Resources" global setting in SysAdmin

Online 9/19/2018
Margaret Campbell
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