Project Insight 18.9.0 Release Notes


Big News! We're in Preview to allow teams to turn on time entry on Issues, To-Dos, and Custom Items. System Administrators and Project Managers can allow this in the display form of those items. Time cannot be added to these items on the Time Entry Worksheet yet. Users will see entered Time Entries (and be able to edit) on the Worksheet if already added from the item detail page

System Administrators can now specify where Projects and other items without a "Parent Item" should go by default - no more "must select a parent item" error messages!!

Continued improvements to the Mobile App (Beta)

New users now see the navigation elements on the left expanded (e.g. My Work, Folders, Administration) instead of collapsed

Changing the Task Status or adding a comment now updates the Task Updated Date - Yay!

Adding a comment to any item now updates the Updated Date - Yay!

Added Updated Date and Updated by to Issue Report

Item number configuration added : The new option now allows System Administrators to remove the item number on forms. This is in addition to the recently added "Item Number and Name Globally" option

PMO managers may now "Reset Task Numbers" on projects where they are not assigned as a Project Manager

System Administrators can now set a default Time Code & default Invoice Time Code when using Task Types on Proposals

Made improvements to the QuickBooks integration:

  • Added a "QuickBooks Payroll Type" on the user's profile where User Managers can designate the employee as Hourly or Salaried. This setting is used when exporting times entries to QuickBooks
  • Invoices can no longer mix positive and negative line items if it will create a net-negative invoice by mistake - we'll catch that mistake


Microsoft SSO: Now allows users to delete the "Create users for these email domains" data

Work Expense Details entered on a summary tasks are now included in the Portfolio Allocation planned value calculations

Inactive Tasks no longer send erroneous auto-alerts

Task Bulk Editor now edits the Task Owner field as designed

The Last Resolution Comment field on an Issue report is no longer showing the most recent comment by mistake - those are separate columns

Online 9/6/2018
Margaret Campbell
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