Project Insight Release Notes


Continued to improve the REST APIs including: Contacts & Location Business objects and models to projects, automation of scheduled end date, when to mark a task done

All assignable items now follow consistent numbering pattern: use the System Configuration -> Settings settings to turn on or off the item number displayed globally option. When enabled, the full item number will show with the item name on the home screen, dashboard, left nav "My Work" section. When disabled, the item number is assigned but does not display everywhere.

Approval Request and Close Date column now available on the Project Request report

You can now change the final Project Manager on a Project Template into just a Project Resource - this allows anyone who builds the project from the template to be the only Project Manager

Last Comment (HTML), Last Comment (Text Only), Last Comment User, Last Comment Date columns added to the Proposal report

Agile Improvements: Deleting a Sprint with Tasks attached to will now allow the Tasks to be assigned to another Sprint

HTML Editor has been upgraded through out the site (minus Custom Fields... let us know in the comments below if that bugs you...)


Removed erroneous "Burn Down" fields options from all remaining reports

Corrected the label for the Issue Resolution Types button

Work Expense Details like the order value now transfer from Task to Proposal consistently

Removed the "Export to MS Project MPP" option in the export menu (It didn't work anyway! Oops!)

Project Request form continues to be responsive despite adding Customized Labels to the form

Project Task List no longer errors when selecting to display Last Comment Text and Last Comment Preview Text

Continued improvements for the new Add Comments Layer on Reports

User Import no longer duplicates users instead of updating the existing user

Removed the "Save and Send Email" option for adding a new user because saving a new active user the first time already sends this email

The "group by" option on the Approval Request report no longer duplicates the same requester's name erroneously

When you auto create placeholders from resource types, Project Insight will no longer create placeholders for inactive resource types

Online 8/21/2018
Margaret Campbell
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