Project Insight 18.11.2 Release Notes


Be on the lookout for the new "Time Center" - Coming soon to a Project Insight workspace near you!

Allow Comment edits across the entire PI workspace - no longer set item by item

Updating an invoice now creates an event in Project Insight for API or notification purposes

Proposal: Colors for the Project Invoices and Proposals chart - now Proposed is a shade of blue, Billable is now a shade of orange, and Invoiced is a shade of green

"Project Request Managing" tile now available on the Dashboard

Continued improvements to the PI Mobile App

API: Devs can now "Get" by Item Number of Project, Task, Issue, ToDo, and Approvals


Expense reports no longer show "unsubmitted" even if they were approved

Task Work Expense report no longer errors when displaying the project, Task Summary Path, or Task Resource Type Code columns

Invoice Templates now hide row when company does not have values

When Primary Project Manager is deleted from Project Resources list, Project Insight will make the remaining PM the Primary PM (if only one PM is left)

On the Task List, over allocation layer now shows when user clicks the the over allocation icon in the "Over Allocations?" column

Online 11/29/2018
Steve West
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