Project Insight 18.11.1 Release Notes


Added Copy URL feature to share Project Insight links easily (See Tools icon)

API: Expense Entries now available through the Project Insight API

PI#team: There are new Virtual PM statements available

Users now have the ability to "Notify Self" for auto alert notifications - used if you want confirmation you submitted a request, for example

Any user with Read access can now leave Project Status Comments (like all other items in PI)

Proposal Custom Fields now carry over to Project Custom Fields - just like Project Request Custom Fields

Proposal Report: Report Types now dynamically filters for "Unassigned Proposals"

Issue Report: Report Types now dynamically filters for "Issues I Created"

Project Request Report: Report Types now dynamically filters for "Requests I Created"

Be on the lookout for the new "Time Center" - Coming soon to a Project Insight workspace near you!

Continued improvements to the PI Mobile App


Project reports no longer return empty results when filtering for a specific project

API: Placeholder Resources list now gets correct data

Timer feature no longer shows incorrect value when previous values were set to 0 (zero)

Creating reoccurring task with Expense values no longer adds the value to summary task

JIRA integration: If the integration receives a 401 unauthorized error, PI will disable the integration so you don't continue to receive errors

Continued improvements to the Timer feature

Online 11/14/2018
Margaret Campbell
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