Project Insight 18.11.0 Release Notes


We're starting to hide fields you may not need in Project Insight to clean up our interface - if you find something missing, check out the Administration section make the field visible again

Added Resource Capacity % (the percentage of the resource's workday they are available for projects), Project Number, Project Status, and "Resource Type - Default" columns to the Task Assignment Report

Added Issue Manager column to User list available columns

When affiliating issues to a project, the PMO Manager role will now see all active projects - not just their own assignments

Task owners and Project Managers can now update Tasks' statuses on the project Status Board

Added "Project Number (Full) and Name" group-by to the Task Work Expense report

Continued improvements to the Work Expense Details report

New section added to Proposal Report: Report Types now dynamically filters for "Proposals I'm Assigned To"

Last Comment Preview (Text Only) added to Proposal Report

Changed the architecture for Customer Contacts in the Proposal item - if you are using PIML, take a look that it isn't broken

Expense Code on Proposal Line Items to carry over to Expense Code Default on corresponding Task

Added the Project Number column to the Custom Item report

Added Item Number to the search results page


Task total work expense and work expense billable fields now save consistently when using the full task add/edit form

PI Integration for JIRA: Testing the connection between a PI project and a JIRA epic now tests that connection only within the JIRA epic

PI Integration for JIRA: The "Sync Jira time with PI Actual Hours" project-level setting now respects the global default

Continued improvements to the Timer feature

Online 11/1/2018
Margaret Campbell
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