PM in Theory - Creating Requirements in an Agile Environment

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


So you've gone Agile, that means that you no longer have to create comprehensive requirements documents, right? Remember the agile manifesto says that the goal is “working software over comprehensive documentation.” So because of that, we can't be nimble if we take the time to put together the documentation, right? WRONG!

We are going to give the real story about requirements in an Agile environment. Requirements gathering and documentation doesn't have to look the way it has always looked, but it must have some key elements. Learn how to foster creativity, yet communicate clearly how a change needs to be implemented.

During this session, we'll review the key success factors needed for requirements gathering regardless of the environment you are in - waterfall or agile. 


  • Uncover the real story behind Agile requirements
  • Define key requirements and documentation elements
  • Post your questions in the comments below

Online 6/8/2016
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