PM in Theory - Coaching other Project Managers

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


Being a great project manager is no easy task. As a PM, 99% of project responsibilities fall on your shoulders and 99% of the time you have to wear many hats to fulfill those responsibilities. You have to deliver on schedule, within budget and to the expectations of the customer - and then, something goes south. Can we get a break?

This month we talk about what makes a successful project manager and if you are managing project managers how do you get the best out of them.

Diane Buckley Altwies, CEO of Core Performance Concepts, is a practitioner for 30 years and has been teaching project management for over 16 years. Brenda Williams, Professional Certified Coach, has helped thousands of project managers find rewarding jobs through her recruiting background and now has dedicated her time to helping project managers be the best they can be through proven coaching practices.

We'll talk about common challenges facing project managers today:

  • Closing projects
  • Managing the budgets
  • Ensuring that the project delivers the expected value
  • Overcoming the tactical mindset
  • Getting decisions made

Learn how you can have a mindset for success and share that knowledge with others. Revolutionize project management, one PM at a time.


  • Learn how to overcome common PM challenges
  • Gain the tools and insight to retrain yourself and other PMs
  • Improve your PM and leadership skills

Online 11/9/2016
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