PM in Practice - Improving Quality Using Six Sigma Concept

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Project managers, executive stakeholders, program managers, anyone with a PMP credential


Having worked with many organizations over the years, Diane Buckley, PM Expert and CEO of Core Performance Concepts, constantly sees the same issues with these companies – trouble managing resources, unhappy customers, or in need of quality improvement.

In the first part of this webinar series, we explored basic concepts of lean and six sigma methodologies. Now, we are going to put those concepts into practice. We are going to open the discussion and learn how you can use this to help your organization improve. During this session, we'll have our experts give feedback on some of the questions and/or samples the audience provided.


  • Learn how to put lean and six sigma principles into practice
  • Gain valuable insight and implementation strategies
  • Improve team and organizational performance

Online 8/24/2016
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