What actions change the item's Updated Date?

Item updated information reflects changes made when an item is edited. While the concept of whether or not an edited item shows as "updated" by a user is usually quite simple, there are certain types of items within which confusion may arise as to what constitutes "updated."

In general, an item is not considered as updated unless a user with change permissions performs an edit on the item specifically using the edit function for the item and changing data in the item using the item edit function. For example, applying percent complete information through any interface other than the edit and save function (project managers only) and time entries on a task are not edits/updates and will not change the "Updated By" information. Auto-alerts can be triggered by percent complete updates when specifically requested as auto-alerts for percent complete changes, but an auto-alert for a "change" will not be triggered.

Actions which are NOT considered as "updated" actions on an item:

  • Schedule changes to projects and tasks which occur due to a change to another task (i.e. predecessor duration is increased)
  • Comments are added to an item
  • Issue information is updated using any update method other than the master issue form edit
  • Approval request information is updated using any method other than the master approval request form edit
Online 1/12/2016
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