Introduction to the Project Insight Dashboard


Any Project Insight user, team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors


  • Learn how the Project Insight Dashboard can be customized to your work preferences
  • Learn how to add and remove your tasks, projects, issues or other items to your dashboard
  • Use drag and drop when customizing your dashboard
  • Expand and collapse dashboard items for a clean view


On your dashboard you will see some of the more popular elements already displayed on the page, such as the work list, tasks, projects and notification stream. However, you may tailor it to your preferences. The Project Insight dashboard is highly flexible and customizable, to meet the needs of each person.

To remove elements, just click the ‘x’ icon in the upper corner of each.

To add elements, just go to the display options icon and you will see a complete list.

From here you will notice the dashboard layout. You may choose one of the 12 options here and then click save.

It’s a best practice to click ‘collapse all.’ This makes it easier to see all of the elements on your page, and it is easier to drag and drop the boxes to the place you prefer.

Just grab the top bar on the box and drag it to your preferred location and drop.

When you are finished, you may go back to display options and ‘expand all.’

Online 1/13/2015
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