Administration - Edit Folders and Navigation


Any Project Insight user, team members, project managers, administrators, clients, partners, sub-contractors.


  • Discover how to add folders to create project spaces and leverage permissions
  • Hear about some common ways to set up folders


Edit Folders and Navigation refers to the ability to create folders or project spaces on the left hand navigation.

You may need to meet with your team to determine how you would like to set up your folder structure. Some common usages are to set up project spaces for:

  • Departments
  • Regions
  • Strategic initiatives
  • Programs
  • Customers or clients

Add folder – Strategic initiatives

The item types refer to the content that your users will be able to add to this folder. For example, if you do not want anyone to add a calendar in the folder, just uncheck the check box and click save. If you plan to add several folders, you may click save and add another, which reduces the number of clicks.

You can re-order your folder structure by typing numbers into the order column. Click set order to refresh the page and your new order will show in the folder section of your left navigation.

Online 1/8/2015
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