Create a Project - Prioritization


System administrators, project managers, team members


  • Discover how to rank or score a project based on your organization’s goals
  • Understand the nuances of weighted goals


If you need a formal method for prioritizing projects, then you may use the scorecard. The project scorecard allows you and your team to set up your organization’s goals, critical success factors and key performance indicators, then measure your projects against these criteria.

Each may be weighted. Then you may score each from 0-10.  Project Insight provides an overall and a weighted score. These scores show up in portfolio and resource reports, helping you determine which projects should be worked on next, and which should be delayed.

Simply fill out each goal, click update and save.

If you need a simpler way to prioritize projects, you may use  custom field and designate a level and click Save.

Online 2/27/2015
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