Create a Project - Gantt Chart


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • View project schedule as a Gantt chart
  • Add/edit tasks in the Gantt chart
  • Associate tasks with task dependencies using drag and drop
  • Create/save custom Gantt chart views


You may also view your project schedule as a Gantt chart. Simply go to the views menu option and click Gantt chart. The first time you load your project, it will load collapsed. Go to the ‘tools’ icon and expand all summary tasks. This will show you all of your tasks and task dependencies in the Gantt chart.

Let’s add a new task. Simply type in the name in the gray bar and select your duration and work hours. Your new task will display on the Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is interactive, so you can associate tasks with task dependencies using drag and drop. 

Hover your cursor over the first task you want to connect and drag straight down until you see the line and drag and drop the line on the next task. Notice that when I hover my mouse over the task, the task details will display. You may also extend the duration of tasks using the interactive Gantt chart.

There are many options available in the page display options.  You may add or remove columns, create your quick selections, save them for the team (if you’re an administrator), or make them your default view. 

More importantly on the Gantt chart, you can opt for a scale that is different than the day. You can also opt to show your resource assignments, task name, and show the tasks on the critical path in red. For now we'll just leave the show critical tasks in red.

Let’s update the Gantt chart and take a look.

Online 2/27/2015
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