Create a Project - From a Microsoft Project File


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Import project from Microsoft Project
  • Map resource types and roles


If you have project schedules in Microsoft Project, .mpp or .xml formats, you may import them easily into Project Insight. First, select the folder or project space where you want your project to be stored.  Then, using your right-click menu, select Add then Project. Give your project a name and scroll to the bottom. Select ‘Import from Microsoft Project XML or MPP File’ then click Save.

Let’s collapse our left navigation to give us a little bit more room. Then click Choose File which will prompt you to select your .mpp or .xml file from your hard drive or network. Once chosen, click Upload.

If your .mpp file had resources assigned to tasks, those will map directly into Project Insight. If your .mpp file had resource types or roles, then those will map. Project Insight separates those two into two separate data fields. 

If you’d like to assign the tasks to another individual, or map unassigned resources, you may do that here. It’s a good idea to map your resource types and roles here, as it saves you time and clicks.  Once you've done that, click Save. You may view your project and expand all summary tasks. 

Notice that all of your tasks, summary tasks, duration, work and more have been imported.

Online 2/27/2015
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