Create a Project - Documents Repository


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Upload and store project documents
  • Enable document version control
  • Collaborate on project documents


Because projects have files, documents, assets, and other artifacts, we allow you to create and store those in your project documents repository.  Simply go to Views menu options and select documents. Here you can set up a folder structure that follows your methodology and business process.

For example, I have a folder for any artwork that might be stored on this project, another for customer communications, and another folder for requirements. You can set up as many levels in the hierarchy as you wish. To add a new folder, simply right-click, go to Add and select folder. Enter folder name and click Save.

Once you have your folders in this area it will help you organize your files. Here’s an example of an image we have in our artwork folder. When it was uploaded, the version control was set to track the different versions and iterations that this file is going through. You can also collaborate on this item using the comments tab. Each team member may add comments. If you use the picture with the user profile, you’ll see the photo of that individual along with the date and timestamp of when they commented. 

To add more files, or multiple files, click on the folder that you want to add the file to and right click select Add and select File. Click the Choose File and select the file from you hard drive or network. Once you have selected the file you may optionally check the version control and write a full description. Then click Save and your file has uploaded. It will date, timestamp, and tell you who posted it.

Online 2/27/2015
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