Create a Project - Add a Task


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Build out your task list along with PMI's best practices and recommendations
  • Utilize inline editing to create your project schedule
  • Learn how to use the advanced task options to create summary tasks


Let’s build our task list. To enter the first task, just type the name of the task in the ‘task name’ field. We’ll name this task, Kick off meeting.

The inline editing is just like filling out a spreadsheet on your desktop. You may use the ‘tab’ key to move over to the right, and Enter to Save.

Tab over to the ‘duration’ field. Duration is the length of time you give a resource to complete a task from start to finish. It is a best practice to put at least one day of duration for each task.

Tab to ‘work hours’ and input the number of planned hours you estimate the resource will need to complete the task.  You are able to adjust the work if needed. If not, the system will automatically populate the work hours in from your duration field. That is, if you input 1 day duration, Project Insight will pre-populate 8 hours of work. To change it, simply highlight the field and input the number. We expect this kick off meeting to take 3 hours.

When creating a template, there is no need to fill in the start or end dates of the tasks as these will be automatically calculated by Project Insight’s intelligent scheduling feature. These dates will automatically calculate based off of the project start date or any dependencies. If you are building a template, do not manually set the dates on the tasks as this will create a constraint.

The resource type/role column refers to the skill set required to perform a given task. Filling out this field on a template allows you to use many shortcut features in the resource management feature set. We are going to add the project manager resource type to this task.

Online 2/27/2015
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