Create a Project


System administrators, project managers, project schedulers


  • Add a project directly from the portal page, or from a folder using the right-click
  • Create a project in Project Insight using inline editing
  • Learn how to create a project template for rapid reuse


To create a new project, you need to have the ‘project creator’ role in Project Insight.

To create a new template, you need to have the 'project template manager' role.

If you are adding a project template, we recommend creating a folder on the left navigation to store your templates in.

You may either create a new project directly from the dashboard, by clicking Add then Project, or you may navigate to the folder or project space you would like to put the project in.

Use the menu in the upper right hand corner to add your project, or use your right click content sensitive menu option and select Add and Project.

Then you'll the Project Add Edit form.

Online 2/25/2015
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