Adding Resources - Adding a User


System administrators, user managers


  • Understand the what 'users' are within Project Insight
  • Know how to add users


Users are the team members that will participate in Project Insight.

Create users after you enter Companies, Groups, Departments, User Types and Resource Type and Roles because the pull down lists needed in the user profile will be populated, and you will be able to fill out the user’s entire profile at one time.

Just click on Users, Add New User.

Enter the team member’s information. The red asterisks indicate which fields are required.

You may associate an individual with a company or organization, a department, and a user type.

Then enter as much or as little personal contact information as you wish. Some teams use the resource directory as a list of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and skill sets.

Filling in the email address allows the user to receive auto-alerts, nightly reports or notifications.

Create the user name and password with at least 6 characters and some numbers. Or, you may have the system auto-generate a password and email the login information to the user.

You can set the time zone for this user. The time zone feature assures that projects are presented to the user in his or her desired time zone regardless of location.

You can even have Project Insight email a person his username and password.

An easy way to add several users is to right click and select ‘add a cloned user.’ Then enter the personal information and click save.

Online 1/6/2015
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