Adding Resources - Companies


System administrators, user managers


  • Know what 'companies' in Project Insight are
  • Be able to add, delete and edit companies entered in the project management software
  • Understand how companies in Project Insight are relevant for reporting purposes


Project Insight allows you to collaborate with clients, vendors, partners and sub-contractors and set permissions so they see only what you want them to see.

In order to leverage the powerful permissions, we use the concept of companies to refer to any of these organizations you might collaborate with.

Companies are relevant for reporting purposes, allowing you to roll up all projects, tasks, and time or expense entries by any organizational entity.

We suggest that you add companies and groups before adding users, because these are pull down menus in the user profile. That way, the menus will be populated and you can associate users with companies and groups when filling out the form the first time.

  • There is a one-to-one relationship between a user and a company
  • However, a user may belong to as many groups as needed
  • To add a company, click Add New Company and fill out as much information as you require
  • The project assignment enabled allows you to associate a company with projects
  • Check the time and expense entry if you wish to allow time to be entered against this company
  • If later you find that you are no longer working with an organization, you may mark an organization as ‘inactive’
  • To add a group, simply give the group a name and click Save

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Online 11/1/2016
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