Administration - User Types


System administrators, user managers


  • Understand what a user type is in Project Insight
  • Decide what terms your organization would like to use for user types


User types refer to whether a team member is an employee, client, partner, vendor, sub-contractor or other type. You will need to decide what terms you would like to use for these designations.

Again, there is a one to one relationship with user types. A user may be associated with one user type. Either she is an employee or a client, for example.

Use the inline editing (double click) to add or edit user types.

You may also sort the items in your pull down list by numbering the elements in the preferred order.

Each team member or user will be assigned one user type in his or her user profile.

User types allow you to search for the right resources from the resource directory. 

Administrators may filter by user type on long user lists in the admin section. 

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