Resources Development Associates

"Now that we have a standardized process and essential data is instantly available, we're able to work more effectively and efficiently to help county governments deliver essential human services faster and better."

- Senior Operations Manager

Main Challenges

RDA has grown at a steady rate in recent years. As the company expanded the number of employees (from five to 23) as well as its pool of contractors and its physical space, management realized the system they were using to track business activities was becoming increasingly inadequate.

  • Lacked a project software to help standardize project management processes
  • Needed a way to quickly pull reports together
  • Needed to maintain performance standards by accurately tracking tasks, budgets and resource allocation
Why PI®

Because all project managers would now be using the same project management software, the system effectively standardized the entire process, streamlined operations and allowed people to work more efficiently. Project Insight also made detailed reports instantly accessible to assist in evaluating projects, heading off problems before they became troublesome, and more accurately forecasted future resource and budgetary needs. Management liked the software's scalability. Helping RDA grow meant the company could be even more responsive in providing services to county agencies.

  • Customized, real-time reports for management
  • Standardized project management processed streamlined efficiency
  • Built-in scalability helped RDA grow

"Initially we saw the software as a way to standardize work plan development and set sustained rules. This allowed us to expand, hire more project managers and become more efficient because of a more consistent way of running operations," the senior operations manager explains. "What really surprised us is the software's reporting capabilities". Improved reporting has reduced the amount of time it takes to physically manage administration and oversee projects. And, because so much is done on the front end, the company has higher quality information available when it gets ready to invoice.

  • Standardizes work plan development and sets sustained rules to promote efficiency and growth
  • Delivers customized reports in seconds, allowing project managers to make decisions and solve problems sooner rather than later
  • Improves data collection and displays it at-a-glance for faster, more accurate invoicing

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