University of Kentucky HealthCare

"Project Insight has helped our department's reputation and status. We are definitely more trusted, because we know where everything is. There's no longer a feeling of being overwhelmed, and people know when they give us a job that it's going to get finished."

- Graphics Manager

Main Challenges

Prior to the adoption of Project Insight, UK HealthCare's Graphics Services group struggled to track progress on projects in a way that could help them collaborate with other departments. In addition, the group was distracted many times a day from creative and other project tasks by staff from outside the department requesting status updates.

  • Creative staff constantly interrupted with status questions
  • Inability to report ad hoc on the status of a given project
  • Some tasks on projects "lost" or slipped through the cracks
  • Lack of a unified, up-to-date view on one or many projects
  • Approval process was complex and time consuming
  • No way to enable collaboration
Why PI®

"Project insight is customizable and flexible enough that it adapted to our needs. That way we weren't relying on something out of the box to have set features that matched our workflow" said the graphics manager. UK HealthCare also stated they needed a project management solution that would provide:

  • A way to support true collaboration
  • Instant and unified, "self-service" views and reports of project and task status
  • Central repository for documents, images, proofs, and other project materials
  • Streamlined approval process

With support from upper management, the graphics manager implemented the use of Project Insight throughout Graphics Services and other departments with project stakeholders. He said, "We're able to take Project Insight and create custom fields, and make it perform the way we need it to. It does that beautifully now." Graphics Services has found that they spend a great deal less time answering questions about task and project status and process.

  • Project stakeholders gained instant access to information needed
  • Provides a central place for project status information as well as documents
  • Dramatically simplifies the approval process
  • Enables collaboration within the creative team and the organization as a whole

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